[CLOSED] Enter Grid COlumn and save the records

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    [CLOSED] Enter Grid COlumn and save the records

    Hi i am having one gridpanel as gridpanel1.in that i am having 4 columns like EmpName,Sal,Dept,Comments.

    Here the Comments column is TextFiled Editor column in Gridpanel.

    Here at the time of pageLoad i am binding the list to Store with this 3 Columns( EmpName,Sal,Dept)
    now in my grid EmpName,Sal,Dept fields are binded.

    this part i already complete.

    i need code for.

    now i enter comments for every row in grid in Comments Column. and finally if i click the Button the Comment and EmpName column will convert to List.

    so how can i do that.please help me.. i am using 0.8.1 Dll
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    You can get the rows values on client using the GridPanel getRowsValues method.
    And send it as an extra parameter of a Button Click AjaxEvent. Then deserialize on server within an AjaxEvent handler.

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