GroupHeaderTplString pushes gridview display over

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    GroupHeaderTplString pushes gridview display over

    I'm updating a review page to 2.0 and I've switched from GroupingView to Grouping (breaking change #23) and it works and displays fine, except for the GroupHeaderTplString functionality. My table displays perfectly without it but when I add it in the data in the table gets pushed off the screen with two dark lines representing the groups. Is there a bug with the GroupHeaderTplString?

    Here is my code:

    GroupHeaderTplString='<span id="{text} ({[]} {[ > 1 ? "Submissions" : "Submission"]})'

    Here's what I see (data is offscreen in this shot but when I remove the GroupHeaderTplString attribute it displays perfectly):

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Please see the following sample, it works correctly

    - i don't see closing tag for span element
    - need use 'values.rows.length' instead ''
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    Thanks for the quick help - making those changes fixed it!

    However I do have an additional question - in 1.X versions the GroupingView would also show the value of the grouped field in the header of the grouped section. It seems like in 2.0 the Grouping only shows the count (eg. "(4 Submissions)") - is there a way to show the grouped field value in 2.0? For example, if we were grouping by "Status" it might show "Pending (4 Submissions)").
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    Use {name}
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    You're the man Vladimir!

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