[CLOSED] Renderer function

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    [CLOSED] Renderer function

    is there a way to render the content of a grid-column field blinking under defined conditions, eventually combined with one colour, using js function ?

    for instance (all value <= 0 in red and blinking )

            var highlight = function (value) {
                return Ext.String.format(template, (value > 0) ? "green" : "red", value);
    MyGridColumn.Renderer.Fn = "highlight "
    thanks in advance
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    I would use CSS
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    Please note that text-decoration blink is supported by Opera and FireFox only
    For CSS3 browsers you can use styles from the following article
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    yes, thanks Daniil, but I remembered it was not supported in browsers (ie and chrome both). I got the same confirmation on the page you left me.
    I just was asking if some other stuff was available.

    Vladimir, I check it, thanks
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    Apologize, forgot/missed it is not supported in IE, Chrome and Safari.

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