Hi Sir

I am using Ext.net 1.3 , Sir I am facing problem as follows,

I have Gridfill() method which fills, by default data into the grid.

{ store1.Datasource =//here is data bind to the store

I have another method DataSave() which clears the store1 first and lator i'll add data to it.
1. store1.ClearFilter(); // also i have tried RemoveAll() both are working it clears the store1

2. store1.DataSource=//here is data to bind the store
store1.Databind();// This step is working fine it shows data into the grid if Data it present.

3. if(GridPanel.Content==null) //Here I have also tried with store1 instead of gridpanel with HasContent , but problem is that with HasContent it always shows true. it does not bother about if gridpanel or store1 has value or not..
4. GridFill(); // This function is getting call but not able to see values into the grid. I have seen with the debugger pointing to the data source i got all values but not able see into the grid.

My problem is 3 and 4 please look into it and provide me solution ASAP.
Thanks in advance.