[CLOSED] Replacing the header values of the property grid with localised header

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    [CLOSED] Replacing the header values of the property grid with localised header

    Normally a property grid is used as shown below and the headers will be "Name" and "Value". How do set a different title for the name and value. we localize our application and would like to set these value to the localized version of Name and Value

    <ext:PropertyGrid        ID="PropertyGrid1"        runat="server"        Width="300"        AutoHeight="true">        
            <ext:PropertyGridParameter Name="color" Value="#800080">                
            <Renderer Fn="function (value, metaData) {            metaData.style += 'background-color: ' + value + ';';
                 return value;
             }" />                
            <ext:DropDownField ID="DDFieldEditor" runat="server" Editable="false">                        
            <ext:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" AutoWidth="true" AutoHeight="true">                                
            <ext:ColorPalette ID="ColorPalette1" runat="server">                                        
            <Select Fn="function (cp, color) {
                 DDFieldEditor.setValue('#' + color);
             } "/>                                        
            <ext:PropertyGridParameter Name="test" Value="test" />        
            <ext:RowSelectionModel ID="RowSelectionModel1" runat="server" />      
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    Setting the Locale
    <ext:ResourceManager runat="server" Locale="it-IT" />
    or CurrentUICulture will automatically localize these properties.
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    We do not want to use the localized EXT string. We manage our localization string. How can the values of these string be set manually.
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    I can suggest the following solution.

    <ext:PropertyGrid runat="server" Width="200" AutoHeight="true">
            <ext:PropertyGridParameter Name="Prop1" Value="1" />
            <ext:PropertyGridParameter Name="Prop2" Value="2" />
            <ext:ConfigItem Name="nameText" Value="My Name" Mode="Value" />
            <ext:ConfigItem Name="valueText" Value="My Value" Mode="Value" />
            <BeforeRender Handler="var cm = this.getColumnModel();
                                   cm.setColumnHeader(0, this.nameText);
                                   cm.setColumnHeader(1, this.valueText);" />
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    ok. I will try that

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