[CLOSED] [2.0] DataView with Razor Data

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    [CLOSED] [2.0] DataView with Razor Data


    When using the following example below, I'm unable to select (click) on objects, even though I have my CSS rules defined:

                .Items(a =>
                        .Control(control =>
                            control.Data = Model.GetValues()
                                .Select(m => new
                                    Id = m.Id,
                                    DisplayName = m.DisplayName
                                } )
                        .Store(store =>
                                .Model(model =>
                                        .Fields(fields =>
                                        } )
    <tpl for=""."">
        <div class=""icon module"">
            <div class=""icon-title"">{DisplayName}</div>
            <div class=""icon-description"">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In pellentesque interdum dolor quis iaculis. Ut non lorem tellus. Etiam augue erat, tincidunt ut convallis blandit, ornare aliquam urna. Vestibulum vulputate quam ultrices urna cursus consectetur. Integer at libero orci. Etiam fringilla porttitor metus ut vestibulum.</div>
                } )
    Works everywhere else in my code, where I am using a proxy to load the data instead.

    Any suggestions? Or have you run into anything similar?

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    Latest 2.0 build from SVN.

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    I think it should work. Maybe a bug. Could you provide a full sample to reproduce?
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    I was able to solve this; it was because I was binding the data directly to the view and not the store.

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    Oh, yes, missed that.

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