I need the full source code including MVC version 2.0 RC1.

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    I need the full source code including MVC version 2.0 RC1.

    I have 1 month learning ext.net and I can not continue because the version 1.3 has the complete code including MVC, and version 2 RC1 is not the MVC code and I can not run my screens, because the versions are different, I need the full code V2 0.0 with MVC RC1 to learn faster
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    In v2.x, the ASP.NET MVC functionality is built right into the Ext.NET Assembly. There is not a separate "MVC" class.

    You can install Ext.NET 2.0.0.rc1 into your project using the NuGet Package Manager.

    install-package ext.net -pre
    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    This is my problem

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is my screen, the checkbox does not work with version 1.3, I try the version 2.0 but I have many problems with the menu to see my screen that's it, my question is when we see the full source code including MVC to see I'm doing wrong.

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