Tabpanel / Tab activate event

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    Tabpanel / Tab activate event

    I am trying to show a window when a tab is clicked. None of the events I found for a tab were able to fire BEFORE the tab was shown. The window is a login control. Basically if someone clicks on Tab 'Private', a login control should popup. If authenticated, then show tab, if not, select previous selected tab (previous active tab). The activate event pops up the login control but only after rendering/showing the tab contents.. That defeats the purpose. Wondering if anyone knows a way around this. Thanks alot!!!

    On a side note, is there any way to call a codebehind function from the handler of the event (activate or any other one). So instead of showing a login window, it would call a codebehind funtion to check if user is logged on before popping up the window (all of this before the tab is shown of course).
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    RE: Tabpanel / Tab activate event

    Bump? Wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Thanks alot!

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