[CLOSED] Javascript Global Error Handling

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    [CLOSED] Javascript Global Error Handling

    I found this post on error handling:

    And I did find some information on using:
    delete options.failure;
    delete options.callback;

    to prevent the message box. My main goal is to have all my error prompts behave and look exactly the same; so I have two question with regard to error handling:

    1) If I just want to use the same message box you do, is there some built-in function to call with parameters that will cause the same message box as a failed Ajax call? (yes, I know about Ext.Msg.show. I want a message box that is exactly like your Ajax failed message box only with different statusText or Title, etc.)

    2) If not, and I have to delete the options.callback, how can capture the calling object (like a grid) to release any mask or re-initialize it as part of the error handling? (essentially, prevent the default message box, but do all the other callback items)

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    Please investigate the following threads.

    If you will still have any questions, please ask.

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