[CLOSED] MVC - Direct Method

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    [CLOSED] MVC - Direct Method

    In Ext, what is the equivalent syntax for MVC as when calling a direct method in ASP.NET?

    function handleContinue()
                    var markets = #{grdQuoteMarketList}.getRowsValues();
                    Ext.net.DirectMethods.#{ucMarketList}.ValidateMarketSelection(markets, {
                        success: function (result) {
                            if (result) {
                        failure: function(response, options) 
                            directEventFailure("Unable to validate market selection", response, 'Validate market selection:  ');
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    Server side DirectMethods handler are designed to be used in the Web Forms context.

    It should not be used in MVC.

    In MVC you can use
    to call controller actions.

    The same way as the Web Service is called here:

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