[CLOSED] Question about directmethod (another one)

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    [CLOSED] Question about directmethod (another one)


    Is it possible to have a directmethod returning a value from the code behind to the javascript call?

    I want to have a textarea updated by a database but I want to achive that with a directmethod.
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    Yes, it is possible, just read result in success handler, see examples in
    Vladimir Shcheglov
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    It did the tricks here the solution:

    In VB code behind

       <DirectMethod(ShowMask:=True, SuccessFn:="RefreshCommentJS")> Public Function RefreshComment(ByVal ChartToDraw As String) As String
            Return ChartToDraw
        End Function
    Client side:

    var RefreshCommentJS = function ( result )
        Ext.Msg.alert( 'Return:', result );

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