Button inside ButtonGroup

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    Button inside ButtonGroup


    We have some Buttons inside a ButtomGroup and we need to enable or disable them at client side. But when we look which kind element they are, we find "Ext.dom.Element" instead of Button type as expected. So in this way, we can't call button methods.

    How must we enable/disable this kind of element?

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    Does the Button have an .ID? if yes, then you can just use the client-side id (.ClientID) of the Button.


    Hope this helps
    Geoffrey McGill
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    As we could see, if we use directly:

    We get the dom element itself. In the same way, if we use:

    Then, we get an "Ext.dom.Element", with a dom property.

    But if we use App as you suggested, then we get an "Ext.button.Button" as expected. So we can do what we really want:



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