[CLOSED] TreePanel SelectPath

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    [CLOSED] TreePanel SelectPath


    Just noticed that the TreePanel SelectPath method appears to be calling back twice?

        App.MyTreePanel.selectPath(path, 'id', '/', function(success) {
        } );
    I receive 2 alerts for "Selected" which is not what I'm expecting :(

    Have you seen this one before? Or has it shown up on Sencha? I'm unable to find it in the open forums.

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    I have reported to Sencha.

    Thanks for the report.
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    Thanks Daniil, I suspect your premium support would work better than my community support :)

    Let me know if you hear anything, you can mark this closed in the mean time as to keep your threads clean.

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    ExtJS has opened a bug. I will monitor it.
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    Was this one updated? I noticed it was fixed on ExtJS end.
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    Thanks for the update, Timothy. I expected an email notification of changing the thread status.

    I have made the update in the Sencha thread.
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    The bug has been fixed in the 2.1 branch.

    Thanks again for the report!

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