[CLOSED] Invalid Webresource Request

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    [CLOSED] Invalid Webresource Request

    Its a long shot, but has anyone seen this exception lately: An exception of type 'System.Web.HttpException' occurred and was caught.
    decrypts to this : pExt.Net|Ext.Net.Build.Ext.Net.extnet.locale.ext-lang-en-gb.js

    I just recently started monitoring the exception logs within dev and see this happening >200 in one week in our QA environment. Due to the size of our app and the lack of info in the exception, I have not been able to narrow this down to a particular page or action. The resource exists at the location its pointing to so I don't know what else might cause this. I've attached one of the log entries. Any thoughts on how better to track this down? Note that we are an multinational company and do set localization on ext controls.
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    Well, we would start from searching "This is an invalid webresource request." on the internet.

    There should be a common troubleshooting scheme for WebResource handler.

    At the first glance we can't say anything concrete.
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    Its your webresource

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    Why do you use WebResource handler to retrieve Ext.Net resources?
    Do you have the same issue if you use Ext.Net resource handler?

    Its your webresource
    Yes, it is our resource file but it is just static resource. The exception is occured in ASP.NET resource handler, Ext.Net code cannot affect on that handler (it is part of ASP.NET infrastructure)

    I suggest to follow Daniil's recomendation and try to find info on specialized ASP.NET forums. You will see that it is very common problem for WebResource handler

    If you have any ideas how we can reproduce the issue then we will glad to investigate it. For example, I cannot reproduce the issue on my simple test case (WebResource handler and Ext.Net handler returns that file correctly)
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    Vladimir Why do you use WebResource handler to retrieve Ext.Net resources?
    Do you have the same issue if you use Ext.Net resource handler?
    I'm NOT choosing to use that handler.

    This thread has no uselful information and should be deleted.
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    I'm NOT choosing to use that handler.
    By default, Ext.Net uses own http handler (ext.axd). If WebResource is used then something wrong in settings or it was deactivated by developer
    If you change type="Ext.Net.ResourceManager" to type="Ext.Net.ResourceHandler" then how links are looked in the generated html?

    but I think we're all smart enough here to use google and we don't need to suggest it to the other users as the solution. It's borderline insulting.
    We apologize if we offend you by that suggestion but ASP.NET WebResource http handler is the same black box for us as for you
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    Hi @betamax,

    Please clarify did you try to follow this suggestion?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vladimir View Post
    If you change type="Ext.Net.ResourceManager" to type="Ext.Net.ResourceHandler" then how links are looked in the generated html?
    Could you also clarify is the problem still actual?
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    corrected web.config

    I am finally able to see this locally. It will be a while before your typo in my web.config can be corrected in production. That kind of change requires approval from 5 commitees.
    Anyway, I see it now locally and I have the correct entries in my local web.config.
    I see now only three calls made by webresource.axd;
    one for ZSystem.Web.Extensions,,,31bf3856ad364e35|M icrosoftAjax.debug.js|,
    one for s|WebForms.js, and
    one for pExt.Net|Ext.Net.Build.Ext.Net.extnet.locale.ext-lang-en-gb.js.
    The last one 404's. So the question Vlad asked: "Why are you using webresource.axd?" still remains. Why am I using it here? I surely am not doing it intentionally. There are >20 calls by ext.axd on the same page. All successful.
    Very perplexing.

    Is there something in this web.config entry that might cause problem? It is from my local and is set up for debugging:
    <extnet cleanResourceUrl="True" showWarningOnAjaxFailure="false" gzip="False" renderScripts="Embedded" renderStyles="Embedded" scriptAdapter="Ext" scriptMode="Debug" sourceFormatting="True" theme="Default" initScriptMode="Inline" quickTips="True" />
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    If you see ext.axd requests then Ext.Net resource handler is used
    Ext.Net handler can redirect request to WebResource.axd if resource is not found in Ext.Net assembly or exception is occured
    Handler set redirection reason to StatusDescription. Do you able to see status description? Please note that status description is available under IIS only (VS Web Development Server ignores status description)

    If WebResource.axd returns 404 then it means that resource file is not found in the assembly. Do you use ready assemblies (from NuGet)? Or do you compile yourself? If you compile Ext.Net assembly then please ensure that the locale file is presented in the solution, marked as Embedded Resource and registered in the AssemblyInfo.cs

    If you don't have any custom modifications in Ext.Net source files then you can recheckout completely Ext.Net source code from SVN
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    Not sure what you mean here: Can you help me with how to do this?

    Handler set redirection reason to StatusDescription
    I am using IIS.

    I do compile myself, but I cannot move beyond rev 3829 because we are now releasing to production.

    "ext-lang-en-GB.js" is in the expected dir along with 44 other locale files, is marked as "Embedded Resource" and registered in AssemblyInfo.cs
    [assembly: WebResource("Ext.Net.Build.Ext.Net.extnet.locale.ext-lang-en-GB.js", "text/javascript")]
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