Right-To-Left Support in Coolite

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    Right-To-Left Support in Coolite


    Right-To-Left, RTL for short, is necessary for development in countries that speak or use right to left languages such Hebrew and Arabic. It is considered either a must or added-value when it comes to development of Data-Centric websites in that part of the world.

    Is there any plan for the Coolite Toolkit to provide such support? For example, Layout controls, text boxes' labels, etc..

    And if there is a way for the currently available version (v8.1) to support RTL either through HTML or CSS, I would be more than glad to be enlighted by you guys.


    Kindest Regards and Respect,
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    RE: Right-To-Left Support in Coolite

    Supporting rtl for TextFields appears is pretty straightforward, see http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php?1910#post8705

    We can investigate RTL support for other components if you can provide specific requirements. Could you provide simplified samples demonstrating how the components currently render, and then describe/mockup how the components should render with RTL in mind.
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    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Right-To-Left Support in Coolite

    Thanks Geoffrey for the reply.

    Yes, I will create some working examples in Coolite and how things should look when using RTL. I shall be able to upload them today night or tomorrow morning my time.

    Thanks again.
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    RE: Right-To-Left Support in Coolite

    Hi Geoffrey,

    Sorry for being late uploading the examples (two examples for now) which include:

    1- TreePanel.

    Remark 1: After applying the simple CSS code you directed me to earlier, both examples render correctly (including icon posiotions, titles) in the RTL (Arabic). Appearantly I have not done my own enough research to do that before.

    Remark 2: In the GridPanel RTL example, although it renders correctly and as it supposed to, when ever a click is made to a row on the grid, the data withing the grid (Not the whole grid) start to scroll right never stopping until data is not shown any more.

    Anyway, See the example I uploaded where each example is implemented in both LTR and RTL for easy comparison.

    P.S: I will add other examples soon.
    P.S. 2: For sure extensive behavior analysis must be applied when Coolite RTL is used, I'll try to do so in the next examples.

    Thanks for listening.
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    RE: Right-To-Left Support in Coolite


    Add a new example which includes a FormPanel, ComboBox, and a Button (as part of the FormPanel). The Cls code is applied to the FormPanel.

    1- FormPanel renders ok (including title and Icon).
    2- ComboBox renders ok (selection arrow is on the left instead of right) but a littl bit cut.
    3- Button does no render ok:
    3.1 - The icon is still showing on the left instead of showing on the right.
    3.2 - The button image is showing the edges of other buttons on both sides, like the button is surrounded by other buttons but showing only the edges.

    Thanks and regards.
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    You might be interested to look at this thread with the shared RTL solution for Ext.NET v1.2.

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