[CLOSED] [Razor] Paging without Store Proxy

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    [CLOSED] [Razor] Paging without Store Proxy

    I have a form panel which submits the form to a controller method via a direct event and loads the store for a grid panel

                        .Title("Enter Search Criteria")
                        .Buttons(buttons =>
                                .DirectEvents(directEvents =>
                                    directEvents.Click.ExtraParams.Add(new Parameter("start","0", ParameterMode.Raw));
                                    directEvents.Click.ExtraParams.Add(new Parameter("limit", "30", ParameterMode.Raw));
                                    directEvents.Click.Url = "/Services/Search";
                                    directEvents.Click.Success = "#{store1}.loadData(result.extraParamsResponse.data); #{pnlSearchForm}.collapse(true)";
    The controller method (/Services/Search) basically returns an AjaxResult as follows as I was told StoreResult would not work in this case:
    AjaxResult r = new AjaxResult()
                    ExtraParamsResponse =
                        new Parameter()
                            Name = "data",
                            Value = JSON.Serialize(gridResults),
                            Mode = ParameterMode.Raw
                return r;
    My issue is that I now need to add paging to the gridpanel and when I add a paging toolbar to the gridpanel it doesn't appear. I suspect this is because the AjaxResult I'm returning and loading directly into the store has no idea what the total count is and/or there is other data that the store expects for paging that are not available? How can I go about paging in my case?
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