[CLOSED] MVC Grid Editing

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    [CLOSED] MVC Grid Editing

    In MVC, how do I create an editor that automatically updates a record via the proxy information? I am using the rowEditor plugin and I do see the row with the red clip in the corner after pressing "Update," but I don't know how to "post" that update. I do have a proxy reader and writer configured, but my grid is not within a form. For reference, here is my proxy config:

      Dim prx As New Ext.Net.AjaxProxy
        With prx
          .ActionMethods.Read = HttpMethod.POST
          .API.Read = Url.Content("~/Assignments/_GetCedentAutoList")
          .API.Update = Url.Content("~/Assignments/_EditTeam")
          .Reader.Add(New Ext.Net.JsonReader() With {.Root = "Data"})
          .Writer.Add(New Ext.net.Jsonwriter() with {.Root="Data"})
        End With
      End Sub).AutoLoad(False).Model(Sub(mdl)
                                                                                      End Sub))
               End Sub))
    End Sub)
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    You can:

    1. Set up
    for the Store.

    2. Or call the Store sync method.

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