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    ASP.NET AJAX CallBack

    Hi all,

    I have a toolbar button which has to:

    1.Execute Server Side code
    2.Databind and refresh an gridview in updatePanel

    a. javascript to click on an button ( I can't see button)
    b. Javascript to click on coolite button (works ok)

    <DIV class=forum-code>
    toolbarBoton.Listeners.Click.Handler = String.Format("{0}", cooliteBoton.ClientID)

    c. AJAX Methods (can't refresh gridview)
    d. AJAX Event (cant' refresh gridview)
    e. Autpostback=true on toolbar button (makes full postback, rendering full page. Also tried inside UpdatePanel)

    I'm wondering if there is a cleaner way of firing a callback event, handle it server-side and update UpdatePanel .
    Why does coolite button makes this callback with no problems? is there a way to make toolbarbutton with same behaviour?

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    RE: ASP.NET AJAX CallBack

    Any chance you could post a simplified .aspx sample demonstrating all the pieces of this problem?

    If you're updating the data in a GridPanel, you shouldn't have to wrap the thing in an UpdatePanel... but, maybe there's more going on than that?

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: ASP.NET AJAX CallBack

    I think choice a is your best bet here. It's pretty clean too. Did you run into an issue with it?
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