examples of using code from code behind ie .cs page

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    examples of using code from code behind ie .cs page

    need a sample for gridpanel binding with rowcommand so that the details can be populated on row click to controls from code behind in c#
    an sample for gridpanel binding with sql db & populating it with data from .cs page instead of script
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    Check this demo

    Hopefully it will get you started ;-)

    One of my main problems was how to define the store
    I couldn't get it to work when defined in codebehind
    The example above shows how to do it

    EDIT: I have noticed that quite a few developers are asking for examples in codebehind. Obviously there is a some quirks but appart from those the conversion from markup to codebehind is really straight forward

    I have created a small example based on the DataSource Controls -> SqlDataSource found on the demo pages
    Have a look at it and please let me know if have any questions

    (NB! Code is for Ext.NET ver 2.0 Beta 1)

    hth /Peter
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