In an application where I have a requirement for displaying hierarchy of account and I'm using TreeGrid as it is NOT a good idea to use GridPanel in row expanders (This is what I have learned in this forum).

Now I'm facing an issue. Consider this:

In GridPanel, clicking a record raises a DirectEvent. this event is handled, a window is shown, the user makes changes and saves it. The gird is refreshed (i.e. Data Source is rebinded) and phoof..! we have the updated data in the grid through ajax.

Now In case of TreeGrid a javascript function raises an event on server side for row editing. Window is displayed and record is altered but rebinding the TreeGrid has no effect.

The problem is the user has to click a button to refresh the grid (Postback for Updatepanel, TreeGrid is inside it) and the postback causes the tree to appear in fully collapsed initial form. Now we are talking about 200 to 300 account and after refresh the user has to relocate the row he was working on

Any ideas?

I would also make a request to the team that so many users have a requirement of displaying hierarcial records. it would be so mush of a relief if we have a GridPanel that allows hierarchial records or may be master-child records