[CLOSED] 1.3 and 2.0 in same site

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    [CLOSED] 1.3 and 2.0 in same site

    I'm curious to your thoughts on 1.3 co-existing with 2.0 on same site. Having a large web site currently built on top on 1.3, i'd like to be able to phase the changes in. I've seen in another forum that ext 4 supports having it's namespace renamed. I'm curious to extend that into ext.net.

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    Unfortunately, there is no way to have v1 and v2 Ext.NET dlls for the same project.

    It's possible to mix ExtJS 3 and ExtJS 4 components:

    But I don't think it can help you to migrate, because it doesn't suit for Ext.NET server controls and will require additional coding even for created via JavaScript components.

    The single way I can see is the following - porting an Ext.NET v1 page to Ext.NET v2 and place it into another web application/web site. Then referring that ported page from the existing application. Sure, you will have to deploy that new site on another domain (probably, just sub-domain) or another port. So, it won't suite if you need interaction between pages via AJAX, because AJAX doesn't support cross-domain.
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    @betamax looks to be able to use v1 and v2 in same application. Here is the discussion.

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