[CLOSED] Label width ignored on NumberField

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    [CLOSED] Label width ignored on NumberField

    Hi there,

    When creating a number field like so:

                                                .FieldLabel("Quoted Lead Time (weeks)")
                                                .Margins("0 0 4 4"));
    it seems that the LabelWidth is ignored - instead both label and box wdith are 75. I assume this is a bug unless I'm doing something incorrectly?
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    Personally, I would consider it a bug as well. But I'm not sure why it's so.

    I've reported to ExtJS. Lets wait what they will answer.
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    Obviously I can just get around it by setting a css class up for those labels but still it seems that this is incorrect behaviour
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    I agreed.

    ExtJS agreed as well, they have opened a bug.
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    Hi @machinableed,

    Sencha added the inputWidht config option.

        .FieldLabel("Some looooooong FieldLabel")
    It is available in the 2.1 branch and will be available with the next v2.1 release as well.

    Thanks again for the report!

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