Visual Studio Plugin NavigatorASP supports ext

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    Visual Studio Plugin NavigatorASP supports ext

    I created my first extension for Visual Studio 2010 called NavigatorASP that works with EXT. I've been using for a couple months now.

    If you are on an aspx page, and you hit have a direct event, or a javascript name, you can ctrl click (just like goto definition) and it will jump you to that code behind or javascript program. It also includes goto definition if you don't have that already.
    so for the following

           <Click OnEvent="btnUpdateAuthCC_Click" />
    if you ctrl click on the btnUpdateAuthCC_Click
    it will jump you to that function or subroutine. Ctrl - will jump you back (unless you've changed all your default keyboard settings).

    Give it a try and let me know if you see something you would like it to do more.

    To get more info:

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    I have gave it a try. Looks very good, like! Thanks for sharing!

    I will update the thread if I will face any problem or will have any suggestion.
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    Thanks... installed. Will play with it !

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    Have you been maintaining this Extension? I just downloaded it and does'nt seem to work with VS 2012.

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