How can I access UserControl's events after its rendering?

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    How can I access UserControl's events after its rendering?

    Good morning,

    I have created a desktop window in runtime and place a rendered UserControl inside of it.
    There is a form on this UserControl that saves records on the database.
    After that rendering, I don't know how to access the methods from the UserControl.

    This is the method that I have used to create my Desktop Window

    BaseUserControl ucControl;
                ucControl = (BaseUserControl)this.LoadControl(string.Concat(_Url + Wind + ".ascx")); 
                DesktopWindow d = new DesktopWindow();
                d.ID = string.Concat("Wnd", Wind);
                d.Title = Wind; 
                d.Width = 410; 
                d.Height = 330; 
                d.Maximizable = true; 
                d.Minimizable = true; 
                d.Closable = true; 
                d.Icon = Icon.BuildCancel; 
                d.CloseAction = Ext.Net.CloseAction.Close; 
                d.Listeners.Destroy.Handler = "destroyFromCache(this);"; 
                d.Listeners.Close.Handler = "destroyFromCache(this);"; 
                d.Layout = "FitLayout"; 
                d.MonitorResize = true; 
                X.Js.Call("destroyFromCache", new JRawValue(this.MyDesktop.ClientID)); 
                X.Js.Call("putToCache", new JRawValue(this.MyDesktop.ClientID), ucControl.ControlsToDestroy); 
    If I have a button responsible to bring a method from the UserControl, how should I implement this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hello again!

    Does anyone know how to solve my previous issue?

    I searched on your forums (free) and I found many questions that seems like my problem, but any of them received successfully answers.

    Our company intends to buy EXT .NET components and we are running some tests in order to check if we can use your product properly.

    Can someone help to find a way to solve my issue or suggest any alternative way? If we can't execute this kind of action, we must start to look for another tool.

    I'm available to answer any questions regarding the functions that we are trying to develop.

    Thanks for your attention!
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    Good morning,

    Does anyone know how to answer my question.
    I have posted this thread on last friday and I'm still waiting.

    Please, help!
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    As we didn't receive any support from EXT .NET team, we will not acquire your product.

    The forum support didn't provide any assistance to our issue/questions.

    I would like to provide a piece of advice: When someone posts a thread, at least answer the user's answer, even if you had to say "sorry, we don't know!"

    I have searched in all the threads from the free and premium forums, everytime that someone asks something difficult, you just don't answer it. You should find a way to solve this scenario.

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    Hi BPPC,

    I appreciate the feedback, and I apologise for the lack of response. Lately we've been stretched a little thin and priority has to be given to Premium Help forums.

    For others reading this thread in the future, here's a couple links which provide recommendations and tips on getting a fast and accurate response from the main Ext.NET support team:

    It's always best if forum posts can provide a simplified .aspx (and/or .ascx) sample demonstrating as much of the scenario as possible. If we can copy+paste a sample into our local test project without having to modify the code to make it 'run', you will get an answer from the support team.

    Anyways, best of luck with your component search, and thanks again for your comments/feedback.
    Geoffrey McGill

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