cant remove Shortcut from desktop module

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    cant remove Shortcut from desktop module

    if I dont set up Shortcut I get this error.

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Ext.Net.ClientConfig.GetProperties(Object obj) at Ext.Net.ClientConfig.Process(Object obj) at Ext.Net.ClientConfig.Serialize(Object obj, Boolean ignoreCustomSerialization, Boolean quoteName) at Ext.Net.ClientConfig.Serialize(Object obj, Boolean ignoreCustomSerialization) at Ext.Net.ClientConfig.Serialize(Object obj) at Ext.Net.DesktopModule.RenderToString() at Ext.Net.DesktopModuleProxy.Serialize() at Ext.Net.DesktopModuleProxy.RegisterModule() at ASP.examples_desktop_introduction_overview_desktop _aspx.AddMyModul()

    is this a bug? or I did something wrong!

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    Yes, it is a bug. A fix will be added to the next public release
    Thanks for the report
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    In Desktop example overview if remove the shortcut from module TabWindows.ascx i get this:

    SyntaxError: missing } after property list
    ...e("Ext.ux.desktop.Module", {id:"tab-win"autoRun:true}));Ext.ComponentQuery.query...
    and the module is not loaded.

    in {id:"tab-win"autoRun:true} is missing comma? is a related problem?

    Happy Holidays,
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    I cannot reproduce it with latest code, it seems it is fixed already
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    I've downloaded Full source code Ext.NET.Pro-2.1.1
    The Ext.Net.dll report version (for WebForm)

    if you run Example project (Desktop\Introduction\Overview) and remove shortcut from module TabWindow.ascx
    the error occurs.
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    there are news about the problem?

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