[CLOSED] Examples explorer Dynamic Grid Panels not working

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    [CLOSED] Examples explorer Dynamic Grid Panels not working


    Just noticed that this example doesn't seem to work (tried on Chrome and FFx, and neither showed anything in the Console for clues to why it isn't working)

    If I try to expand a row, I don't get anything. But the Ext.NET 1 example does work.


    P.S. Only recently started looking at Ext.NET 2 in more detail - really impressed with what you have achieved! Although there are good architecture and feature improvements in Ext JS 4 as well as various non-backward compatible changes (which is fair enough IMO), it has generally been a lot easier than I thought it would be to convert from Ext.NET 1 to Ext.NET 2! (I have a few complex Ext JS plugins which may take a lot more work, but talking 80/20, it has been generally really smooth. Very pleased :))
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    Hi @anup,

    Thanks for the excellent feedback.

    Regarding the issue.

    I was able to reproduce with the latest Ext.NET sources as well. We will investigate.

    As well, a plus icon looks partially hidden.
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    Vladimir fixed it in SVN.

    The Ext.NET v2 SVN:

    The Ext.NET.Examples SVN:

    Thanks again for the report.
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    That was quick (as always)! Many thanks!
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    Btw, just a small note (should I have created a new thread post for it?) I noticed your link to github for the examples explorer code.

    So I cloned the repository and loaded the solution and built it. It fails to build. It turns out to be because the Examples project makes a project or relative reference to Ext.NET dlls, even though it looks like it has been added as a NuGet package.

    If I view the CSProj of the Examples Explorer web project it has this relevant bit:

        <ProjectReference Include="..\..\Ext.Net\Ext.Net.csproj">
        <ProjectReference Include="..\..\..\Ext.Net\Ext.Net.csproj">
    I guess this should be a reference to the Ext.NET dll in the NuGet packages folder instead?

    Not a major problem as I can edit it locally but people will always need to update it manually when they get latest...
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    Thanks for the report! We will correct.
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    Regarding to Ext.NET.Examples.

    I'm not 100% sure how it should look.

    We update Ext.NET.Examples and sometimes the changes comes together with the changes in Ext.NET (in SVN).

    So, referring to Ext.NET from NuGet can make Ext.NET.Examples to be not working, because it requires the latest Ext.NET sources.

    I think Ext.NET.Examples should be just included to the Community release with a respective Ext.NET reference. Though I'm not sure.

    For now, if you download Ext.NET.Examples, you have to reference the latest Ext.NET project manually, because, certainly, we don't update Ext.NET NuGet package for each change.

    I will redirect it to Geoffrey. He always has something to add :)
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    The old Ext.NET.Examples project on GitHub has been removed and the full Examples Explorer has been added directly to the Ext.NET.Pro and Ext.NET.Community projects, see


    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill

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