[CLOSED] RemoteSort for buffered store

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    [CLOSED] RemoteSort for buffered store


    I have a store with RemoteSort="true", the sorting is working fine in 1.3.
    In 2.0, I try to enable the buffer.
    <ext:Store ID="clientStore" runat="server" GroupField="key" RemoteSort="true" PageSize="50" Buffered="true" PurgePageCount="0" >
    Just wondering if the remote sorting is working for buffered store in 2.0?
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    Well, we think it should work.

    Here is the related thread on Sencha.
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    Actually, I also use grouping/summary for the grid...
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    Well, we don't think grouping and summary can work with
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    It seems working for some reason.
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    I would appreciate if you will post an example.
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    I tried to add the grouping and summary into your buffered scrolling example, I got the "Object doesn't support this property or method" message for this.store.cacheRecords(this.store.proxy.getRecord s()).
    I am using the latest version in SVN.
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    I got the error when I just copied the source code from the example website without adding any grouping code.
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    Please clarify what exactly example do you mean?
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