Toggle Buttons dosen't work good with fireEvent

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    Toggle Buttons dosen't work good with fireEvent

    I have this button:

    <ext:Button ID="btnVista" runat="server" Icon="ApplicationKey" EnableToggle="true" Pressed="false">
    <ext:ToolTip ID="tipVista" runat="server" Html="<%$ Resources:LocalizedText, DinamicasTransaccionales_Toolbar_Boton_Vista %>" AutoWidth="true" />
    <Click Handler="alert('Hi there!');" />
    When I click it using the mouse, show a message "Hi There!" and the button is showed as pressed.

    But when I call it using javascript:

    Show the message "Hi There!" but the button still showing as no pressed.

    ¿Why this happend or how can do the button show as pressed using Javascript?

    I'm trying using:

    #{btnVista}.pressed = true;

    #{btnVista}.pressed = false;
    The pressed value change, but visualy the button don't show as pressed.

    Thanks!!! Sorry my english isn't very good!
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    I found the solution here:

    Setting manuali after fireEvent the "toggle" property.


    Can be marked as Solved!! Thanks!!

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