[CLOSED] V2.0 ComboBox SelectedItem

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    [CLOSED] V2.0 ComboBox SelectedItem

    Hi, it's possible select the first item ina combobox in c#?

    I don't know the value of the items and need to select the first item (index = 0) in the combo.

    ComboBox.SelectedItem.Value not work why the SelectedItem is null,
    SelectedIndex not exist...

    I do not know how to do

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    This way:

    <ext:ComboBox runat="server">
            <ext:ListItem Index="0" />
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    HI, Daniil thanks, here it client side, but server side ?

    I can not do it server-side..
    I tested something similar, but I can not..

    ComboBoxNazioni.SelectedItems.Add(new ListItem("","",0));
    but this obviously puts a new item

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    Please use:
    ComboBox1.SelectedItems.Add(new Ext.Net.ListItem { Index = 0 });
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    Hi, Daniil

    many thanks it works ok..

    If someone has the same problem, remember to add the line below the command to update the combo, otherwise the item will not be displayed

    ComboBoxNazioni.SelectedItems.Add(new ListItem { Index = 0 });
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    Yes, calling the UpdateSelectedItems is required the change to be affected during DirectEvent/DirectMethod.

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