[CLOSED] ext:ComboBox ListItem with html image tag

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    [CLOSED] ext:ComboBox ListItem with html image tag


    I inserted in ext:listitem of ext:combobox a html image tag, as follow bellow:
    The images are loaded in listitems... but when I select the item, in text of ext:combox appears the tag instead of image.
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    <ext:ComboBox runat="server" ID="cmbPrioridade" FieldLabel="Prioridade" Editable="false" X="5" Y="290" Width="180">
           <ext:ListItem Text="<img src='/resources/images/toolbar/16x16/tarefas/prioridade/urgente.png'/> Urgente" Value="0" />
           <ext:ListItem Text="<img src='/resources/images/toolbar/16x16/tarefas/prioridade/muito alta.png'/> Muito alta" Value="1" />
           <ext:ListItem Text="<img src='/resources/images/toolbar/16x16/tarefas/prioridade/alta.png'/> Alta" Value="2" />
           <ext:ListItem Text="<img src='/resources/images/toolbar/16x16/tarefas/prioridade/normal.png'/> Normal" Value="3" />
           <ext:ListItem Text="<img src='/resources/images/toolbar/16x16/tarefas/prioridade/baixa.png'/> Baixa" Value="4" />
           <ext:ListItem Text="<img src='/resources/images/toolbar/16x16/tarefas/prioridade/muito baixa.png'/> Muito baixa" Value="6" />
           <ext:ListItem Text="(Nenhum)" Value="-1" />
          <ext:ListItem Value="-1" />
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    Input element cannot show html
    Please investigate the following sample
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Ok, thanks Vladimir.

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