[CLOSED] The Calendar Example is complet?

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    [CLOSED] The Calendar Example is complet?


    This example is completed?
    Appears to me that seems to me missing a files.

    I'm study this example, and I donīt identity where this codes are declared...

      <ViewChange  Fn="CompanyX.viewChange" Scope="CompanyX" />
      <EventClick  Fn="CompanyX.record.show" Scope="CompanyX" />
      <DayClick    Fn="CompanyX.dayClick" Scope="CompanyX" />
      <RangeSelect Fn="CompanyX.rangeSelect" Scope="CompanyX" />
      <EventMove   Fn="CompanyX.record.move" Scope="CompanyX" />
      <EventResize Fn="CompanyX.record.resize" Scope="CompanyX" />
      <EventDelete Fn="CompanyX.record.remove" />
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    Please click the "Source Code" button.

    A window with the markup appears.

    Then click the "Download" button at the bottom on the left of that window. A zip will be downloaded.

    There is the common.js file in that zip where you will find the code you've requested.
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    Hi Daniil... I found the sources.. thanks a lot... You can close this thread...

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