selector by generated id

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    selector by generated id

    Hello, i get value from combo box
    <ext:ComboBox ID="ComboBox1" runat="server" FieldLabel="Choose request type" AllowBlank="false" Width="250" Editable="false" LabelWidth="130" SelectedIndex="0">
    		<ext:ListItem Value="Tab1" Text="Standart" />
    		<ext:ListItem Value="Tab2" Text="Additional" />
    		<ext:ListItem Value="Tab3" Text="New" />
    and show tab panel with some specific tabs when submit
    <ext:Button ID="ButtonRequireType" runat="server" Text="Select">
    	<Click Handler="#{TabPanel1}.show();
    		#{TabPanelRequest}.addTab(#{#{ComboBox1}.value}), false);
    		this.hide()" />
    To show specific tab, i need to add tab
    #{TabPanelRequest}.addTab(#{TabId}, false);
    But i can`t get element by sending text from #{ComboBox1}.value to #{valueHere}
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    It doesn't work:
    I can suggest to populate ComboBox Items on server side with

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