[FIXED] [V0.8.0] modal window in desktop

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    [FIXED] [V0.8.0] modal window in desktop


    as seen in the link above there is a bug with regards to the window and the modal dialog box, but after updating from svn yesterday (last update was January 23, 2009), my modal window was showing behind the mask itself... and so as i have suspected it was the css the following classes that caused this scenario

    z-index:20000 !important;

    z-index:20003 !important;

    i decided to add another one perhaps to fix this issue and it somehow resolved it (modal window in desktop appearing behind the modal mask) although i do not know if it may cause any other problem



    z-index:20001 !important;


    UPDATE: yup, its causing problems on the positioning of window over each other, please help....
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    RE: [FIXED] [V0.8.0] modal window in desktop


    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    RE: [FIXED] [V0.8.0] modal window in desktop

    ok... thanks, confirmed fixed...

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