[CLOSED] Horizontal anchoring not respected

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    [CLOSED] Horizontal anchoring not respected

    Hi Below is the code sample. I have applied AnchorHorizontal="100%" to the text fields. But that is not respected at all. How can this be fixed.
    <ext:Window ID="Window1" 
                Title="Password Verification"            
                    <ext:TextField LabelAlign="Top" 
                        FieldLabel="<%$ Resources:WebResources|Security.FormLabels, LoginLabelUsernameText %>"                  
                        AnchorHorizontal="100%" DefaultAnchor="100%"  FieldCls="highlight" 
                    <ext:TextField LabelAlign="Top" 
                        FieldLabel="<%$ Resources:WebResources|Security.FormLabels, LoginLabelPasswordText %>"                  
                    <ext:LinkButton ID="ForgotPassword" runat="server" Text="<%$ Resources:WebResources|Security.FormLabels, LoginHyperLinkForgotYourPasswordText %>"
                                    AnchorHorizontal="100%" HideLabel="true" TabIndex="3" AutoDataBind="true" Disabled="false">
                                        <Click AutoDataBind="true" Url=''
                                            Timeout="60000" CleanRequest="true" Method="POST">
                                                <ext:Parameter Name="username" Value="#{Username}.getValue()" Mode="Raw" />
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    I responded to the thread in error. please assistance is needed for the anchoring issue
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    There is no Form layout in v2
    Please use Anchor layout
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Thanks. that fixed it

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