Treegrid codebehind to Tab Panel

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    Treegrid codebehind to Tab Panel

    Is is possible to add a Tree Grid in code behind to a TabPanel. I am using VB and I can add a grid and all other types of objects in Tab Panel (codebehind) but I cannot add a treegrid or a treepanel. I error on debug without any real message back. It just points to the following statement when I click on the tab, after the tab is created and rendered.
    -- This happens in the ext.awd

    This is not created on a Page Load, it is intended to be interactive with the user.

    This syntax is close to what I used for a GridPanel which works just fine for me. It is a function that should return a TreeGrid.

    Dim tree = New TreeGrid()
            Dim column = New TreeGridColumn
            column.Header = "TEST"
            ' tree.ID = "TreePanel1"
            tree.Width = Unit.Pixel(300)
            tree.Height = Unit.Pixel(450)
            tree.Icon = Icon.BookOpen
            tree.Title = "Catalog"
            tree.AutoScroll = True
     Dim root = New TreeNode("Composers")
            root.Expanded = True
            Make_A_Tree_Grid = tree

    Thanks for any help or pointing out anything I might have misunderstood about TreeGrid.
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