[CLOSED] Measure String Length

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    [CLOSED] Measure String Length


    I'm trying to obtain string measure in pixels from a combo, and I find this function:
    Ext.util.TextMetrics.measure(combo, 'Text to measure length')
    But it throw an exception:
    No se puede obtener valor de la propiedad 'fontSize': el objeto es nulo o está sin definir (Can not get value of property 'fontSize': the object is null or undefined)

    It seems the problem is in Ext.fly(combo).getStyles function that is called internally

    There is any workaround for this function or I'm doing something wrong?
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    According to ExtJS docs:
    the first argument must be:
    The element, dom node or id from which to copy existing CSS styles that can affect the size of the rendered text
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    If combo is an instance of Ext.combobox, what I have to pass to the function?

    combo.getEl() ?
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    I think
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    Thanks this was my mistake

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