[CLOSED] ArrowRefresh icon won't display

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    [CLOSED] ArrowRefresh icon won't display


    This is relatively minor, but I'm puzzled nonetheless. I'm using a button in the GridPanel topbar toolbar as below:

       <ext:Toolbar ID="Toolbar1" runat="server">
              <ext:Button ID="ButtonRefresh" runat="server" Text="Refresh" Width="120" Icon="ArrowRefresh" ToolTip="Refresh">
                       <Click OnEvent="ButtonRefresh_Click" IsUpload="true">
                          <EventMask ShowMask="true" />
    The refresh icon named "ArrowRefresh" doesn't show up. If I change it to "ArrowRefreshSmall", then there's no problem. Do I have to do anything special for some specific icons, maybe register them? I tried in Page_Load

    with no success.


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    I was unable to reproduce the problem - the ArrowRefresh icon appears correctly on my side.

    You should not register any Icon manually if you use it in the markup.

    Please inspect the resources requests:

    1. Is the ArrowRefresh Icon loaded?
    2. Are there any errors?

    What Ext.NET sources do you use? What browser do you test with?
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    I'm using the SVN source code from Feb 01, 2012. The browser is IE9. I'm getting error 404 GET /resources/icons/arrow_refresh.png HTTP/1.1 when I examine the request with Fiddler. That also seems to happen to a few other icons like application_go.png or application_double.png.

    I've exluded the /resources folder from the project and rerun the application. The result is the same.


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    I found it out. It was a copy-and-paste css from one of the examples I believe:

    .icon-arrowrefresh  { background-image : url(/resources/icons/arrow_refresh.png) !important; }
    After commenting out the whole /* Icons */ section in main.css and clearing the cache, the problem has disappeared.

    Thanks for the pointers!


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