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    [CLOSED] DateField

    I have a date range that I need to set the END DATE to start at the START DATE only if it is blank. For example dteSessionEndDate should be set to dteSessionStartDate only if blank. This way the END DATE will be in the correct month.

    <ext:CompositeField ID="CompositeField1" runat="server" FieldLabel="Start Date" AnchorHorizontal="100%">
       <ext:DateField ID="dteSessionStartDate" runat="server" Vtype="daterange" DataIndex="SessionSD" Width="90" AllowBlank="false" Format="m/d/yyyy">
             <ext:ConfigItem Name="endDateField" Value="#{dteSessionStartDate}" Mode="Value" />
       <ext:DisplayField ID="DisplayField1" runat="server" Flex="1" Html="&nbsp;" />
    <ext:CompositeField ID="CompositeField2" runat="server" FieldLabel="End Date" AnchorHorizontal="100%">
       <ext:DateField ID="dteSessionEndDate" runat="server" Vtype="daterange" DataIndex="SessionED" Width="90" FieldLabel="End Date" AllowBlank="false" Format="m/d/yyyy">
       <ext:DisplayField ID="DisplayField2" runat="server" Flex="1" Html="&nbsp;" />
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    This is the "daterange" Vtype sources.

    daterange Vtype
    Ext.apply(Ext.form.VTypes, {
        daterange : function (val, field) {
            var date = field.parseDate(val);
            if (field.startDateField && (!date  || (!field.dateRangeMax || (date.getTime() !== field.dateRangeMax.getTime())))) {
                var start = Ext.getCmp(field.startDateField);
                if (start) {
                    field.dateRangeMax = date;
            } else if (field.endDateField && (!date || (!field.dateRangeMin || (date.getTime() !== field.dateRangeMin.getTime())))) {
                var end = Ext.getCmp(field.endDateField);
                if (end) {
                    field.dateRangeMin = date;
                * Always return true since we're only using this vtype to set the
                * min/max allowed values (these are tested for after the vtype test)
            return true;
    You should be able to apply respective changes.
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    Error Message

    I get this error Ext is undefined.
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    Please add:
    <ext:ResourcePlaceHolder runat="server" Mode="ScriptFiles" />
    before the script.

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