Does Ext.Net not show my ext window in design view?

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    Does Ext.Net not show my ext window in design view?

    I followed the examples to build my first page with
    When I run the page it looks great, but in the design view all I see is a box for the resource manager component and the ext window component.

    I have been using Sencha's EXT Designer which is great for designing the form.
    I was hoping for a similar experience back in VS2010.

    Is this how it is in or have I done something wrong?
    Screenshot attached.Click image for larger version. 

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    Currently Ext.NET renders only a basic box in Visual Studio Design Mode (as per your screen shot). Unfortunately the Design Time environment created by Microsoft in Visual Studio is extremely buggy and flawed, and we are just not able to provide the level of quality/support that we would like.

    We're hoping to come up with another solution at some point in the future, but for now VS Design Time is limited (or non-existent).
    Geoffrey McGill
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    OK thanks.

    No worries thanks for the reply.

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