[CLOSED] FileuploadFiel Icon Problem

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    [CLOSED] FileuploadFiel Icon Problem

    When I run my test application, in a page aspx with a FileUploadField, this error occurs...

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    note that the error is in the class of C # FileUploadField.cs

    In my aspx page, i declare a field FileUploadField as follow:
          <ext:FileUploadField runat="server" ID="upfDocumento" EmptyText="Selecione um documento" ButtonText="Selecionar" Icon="Attach" />
    Thanks for any help
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    Thanks for the report. We will fix.

    As a temporary workaround you can set up a Button in code behind, in Page_Load or Page_Init.

    this.FilteUploadField1.Button = new Ext.Net.Button() 
        Icon = Icon.Accept
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    Thanks a lot
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    The fix has been added to SVN and will be available in DP2.

    Thanks again for the report.

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