[CLOSED] gridPanel.Reload error

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    [CLOSED] gridPanel.Reload error


    I has a button called btnFiltrar in my aspx page... when button click event, the procedure btnFiltrar_Click is called (with DirectEvents)...
    In this procedure, I try refresh the data in my gridPanel call function grdSugestoes.Reload()... but, the follow error occurs...

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    In messagebox of picture is written: run time error in Microsoft JScript: Can not get the value of 'load' property: the object is null or not defined.

    and this code
    return undefined.
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    This function is not implemented yet.

    Please try:
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    Daniil, works... thank you...

    I got other problem, but I will create a new thread...

    Thanks a lot
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    We have added the server side Reload method for the AbstractStore class.

    To reload a Store from server side the following will be possible in DP2:

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