Viewport and dynamic loading controls

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    Viewport and dynamic loading controls

    Hello everyone,

    It has been 3 days now and I still got nowhere, even after digging the forums, so sorry if it has been asked before (and I'm sure it has been). I just couldn't find it (the new baby @ home creating sleepless nights has a fault on that too 8P).

    What I'm trying to achieve is: have a Viewport with both North, Center and South regions. North will be the toolbar menu (it already works fine), South will be the status bar (still not started) and center is the region where dynamic information resides, pretty much like a regular windows forms app. The problem is that it seem I'm unable to load content inside the center region. Is there any example on how to get that working?

    Sometimes I'll have a grid, other times, I need a two column layout with treeview and form... that's why I'm doing this way. Is it the right way? Is there any better option than the viewport? Any samples that I should look at?

    Thanks everyone for you time and patience,

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    Congratulations with a new baby!

    Please see:

    But don't re-render BorderLayout regions directly, they doesn't support re-rendering.

    You can use an additional Ext.NET container if it needs.
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    Thanks a lot! I figured out another way, but this will be very useful.

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