remove tabs from DOM - browser memory usage

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    remove tabs from DOM - browser memory usage

    hello, im using this code to add tabs with iframes to tabpanel:

    var addTab = function (tabPanel, id, tytul, url) {
        var tab = tabPanel.getComponent(id);
        if (!tab) {
            tab = tabPanel.add({
                id: id,
                title: tytul,
                closable: true,
                padding: 5,
                autoLoad: {
                    showMask: true,
                    url: url,
                    mode: "iframe",
                    maskMsg: "Ładowanie " + tytul + "..."
            tab.on("activate", function () {
                var item = + "_item");
                if (item) {
            }, this);
            tab.on("beforeclose", function () { Ext.getDom(TabPanel1.getActiveTab()).remove(); }, this);
    Problem is that browser memory usage is still groving even i close the tabs and reopen browser is taking more memory each time.
    i tried with beforeclose event without luck.
    How to clean DOM from closed tab? and maybe from other unused elements?
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    memory usage even above 1GB is generated by FIREBUG - in firefox - without firebug enabled is at 100-200MB so its normal,
    and i also added closeaction destroy to my tabpanels.
    This thread may be closed.
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    Yes, it can be a browser issue as well.

    Please see:

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