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[CLOSED] Window IFrame + https and ssl

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    [CLOSED] Window IFrame + https and ssl

    Hi All,
    When hosting my site under SSL https works fine but when I try to load a nonsecure site to the below ext window a get a browser warning about the site being non secure and I can stop the iframe of the ext window loading or ok it.
    <ext:Window runat="server" Modal="True" ID="winOnline">
            <AutoLoad Mode="IFrame" Url="javascript:''">            
    var setOnlineWindowUrl = function (url, title) {    var winOnline = Ext.getCmp('winOnline');    winOnline.setTitle(title);;    winOnline.load(url);};
    <a href=\"#\" onclick="setOnlineWindowUrl('', 'foo-bar')"  \">More...</a>
    Is there a way around this?

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    Please clarify is the question related to Ext.NET v1.x or v2.x?
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    Moved to the 1.x Premium Help forum.

    Regarding the question.

    Hope this helps.

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