[CLOSED] Async loading and re-loading of panels in a reporting portal - Suggestions?

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    I still think your best bet is to use httphandler to return only the data needed to render the chart. This is also good for separation of logic and UI. You can still render the chart control and set configurations on the server side but let the data handling be done via a httphandler. We do the same thing here. All the chart configs are handled on the server side. We have readonly session enabled on a ChartFactory.ashx. It works great because all the UI config code resides in one class and all the data loading is handled in the ChartFactory.ashx. If we ever decide to switch out the chart control (from Dundas to ExtJS 4), it will be easy. We have a desktop portal that's configurable with 1-3 columns and different widgets. User can choose from 10-15 widgets. Some are grids, some are charts, some are list of links. Data for grids and charts are all loaded with ChartFactory.ashx and GridFactory.ashx.

    Edit: we also have drilldown capabilities in our charts by using Dundas's GetHtmlImageMap function.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sadaf View Post
    Do you have any idea why that might be?
    This is the default functionality of DirectMethod and DirectEvent calls. By default the ViewState is not sent in the requests.

    To enable, you should only have to add the ViewStateMode property to the [DirectMethod] attribute configuration.


    [DirectMethod(ViewStateMode = ViewStateMode.Enabled)]
    You should not have to add the extra config object to the client-side function call.

    If the above [DirectMethod] attribute configured as above, then the following call will Request/Receive ViewState in all requests.


    Hope this helps.
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    Geoffrey McGill
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    Hi @sadaf,

    Please clarify can we mark the thread as closed?
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