[CLOSED] Async loading and re-loading of panels in a reporting portal - Suggestions?

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    [CLOSED] Async loading and re-loading of panels in a reporting portal - Suggestions?


    I'm creating a reporting portal/dashboard which has 4 quadrants each containing a chart (I'm using telerik ASP.NET for the charting component), so the quadrants are made up of user controls which contain NON Ext.Net controls.

    When this page loads I want each of the quadrants to load as and when they are finished quering for the data which makes up the chart. I want them to load asynchronously. I also want to be able to re-load a particular chart on request without having to reload the entire dashboard, i.e. from a directmethod call off of a button for example.

    Do you have any suggestions as to the best way to accomplish this using Ext.NET?

    I'm thinking along the lines of panels with AutoLoad properties pointing to a page which generates the chart...
    ... possibly using XRender to generate the contents of the quadrant dynamically from a user control...

    What do you think? I know this isn't really a support question, I just wanted some advice from the experts ;-)
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