What is the property in VB.Net similar to Store.Data in JavaScript?

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    What is the property in VB.Net similar to Store.Data in JavaScript?

    What is the property of the object Store in VB.Net similar to Store.Data in JavaScript?

    I create a listview, bind with a webservice through an object store. But, the listview don´t has a Hidden column... then I would get directly from the object store the field 'Details' for the selected row in Listview. In a VB.Net, not JavaScript.

                                                            EmptyText="Sem agendas disponíveis"
                                                            AnchorHorizontal="80%" >
                                                                <ext:Store ID="Store1" runat="server">
    										                            <ext:HttpProxy Json="true" Method="POST" Url="~/App/JSonDataPaging.asmx/AgendasSalasSGE_List" />
    										                            <ext:JsonReader Root="d" IDProperty="IDAgendaSala">
                                                                                <ext:RecordField Name="Descricao" />
                                                                                <ext:RecordField Name="Detalhes" />
                                                                    Template='<img src="/resources/images/icons/agenda-sala.png" />' 
                                                                <SelectionChange OnEvent="SelectionChanged" />
                                                                <SelectionChange Fn="selectionChaged" /> 
    Thanks for any help.
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    A client store's data is not mirrored to a server, it would be too costly.

    More details:
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    Hi Daniil... tanks a lot for your answer...

    I´m trying follow the exemple of link you sent... it´s working fine... but I don´t want all records... I want a SELECTED records... follow a exemple of Ext.net 'Two Grids' https://examples1.ext.net/#/GridPane...ous/Two_Grids/, I´m rewrite a ExtraParams...

    	OnEvent = "EditSlot" Failure="Ext.MessageBox.alert('Load failed', 'Error during ajax event!');">
    	<EventMask ShowMask="true" Target="CustomTarget" CustomTarget="={#{grdAgendamentosSalasSGE}.body}" />
            <ext:Parameter Name="values" Value="grdAgendamentosSalasSGE.selModel.getSelections()" Mode="Raw" Encode="true" />
    if I set grdAgendamentosSalasSGE.selModel.getSelections(), my direct event EditSlot don´t fired...
    f I set grdAgendamentosSalasSGE.selModel.getSelections (without parentheses at the end), EditSlot is fired, but e.ExtraParams("values") return "{}" (empty)...

    The SelectionModel of my gridPanel is set as below

    	<ext:RowSelectionModel ID="RowSelectionModel1" runat="server" SingleSelect="true"  />
    I do not know what I'm doing wrong...
    Can you help me, Daniil?
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    Please see the "Submit" and "Submit with values" buttons.
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    Hi Daniil...

    Following a exemple where you sent me, I just replaced simply needed the following line

         <ext:Parameter Name="values" Value="grdAgendamentosSalasSGE.selModel.getSelections()" Mode="Raw" Encode="true" />
    For this
          <ext:Parameter Name="values" Value="Ext.encode(#{grdAgendamentosSalasSGE}.getRowsValues({selectedOnly:true}))" Mode="Raw" Encode="true" />
    Working fine
    Thanks a lot
    Best regards

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