Populate Grid Panel based on tree panel selection

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    Populate Grid Panel based on tree panel selection

    <P align=left>I am trying to populate a grid panel with records that are queried from a database using the id of one of the nodes from a tree panel as the identifier.

    What I did is create a tree panel and add a listener to it to call an ajaxmethod when a node is clicked. In that method I call a webservice that pulls the records into a data source(myds). I then set the store object datasource equal to data source that I just created.

    Store1.DataSource = myds
    The problem is that the panel is not rendering anything when i click the node. I have the StoreID of the gridpanel set to Store1 with only one column being displayed. Is there something else I need to add to my method to force the panel to render or am I just going about this the wrong way?
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    RE: Populate Grid Panel based on tree panel selection


    Set DataSource and DataBind for Store is enough for update data.
    I think you should post full example which demostrates how you try to bind data

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