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    [CLOSED] Upgrade EXT.NET

    When upgrading to 1.0.4380.20378 from 1.0.3904.22021 Ext.Net.dll, there was an error in the function tuneDesktopWindow (file ext.axd), Win.dd object is null.
    We got the latest version of the repository http://svn.coolite.com/toolkit/branches/1.0.0/.
    How can we solve this problem? Thank you.
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    The SVN location has been moved to:

    Please upgrade to 1.2:

    or to the latest:
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    Thanks Daniil,
    But with version 1.2 sources http://svn.ext.net/premium/tags/1.2.0/ and sources of the latest version http://svn.ext.net/premium/trunk/, occurs the same error.
    Win.dd object is null in function tuneDesktopWindow (ext.axd file)
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    I can't see where it might be broken.

    Please provide a sample to reproduce.

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