RenderStyle="File" causing css issue in Grid Command column

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    RenderStyle="File" causing css issue in Grid Command column

    Dear All,

    I want to make some changes to default css provided by Ext.Net.
    For this reason i have added RenderStyle="File"

    But after adding i have issue with Command Column in Grid. The CSS seems to get bit disturbed when i give RenderStyle="File" and when i again change to RenderStyle="Embedded" everything seems to work perfect. I have attached an image for refrence.

    Can anyone please tell me whats the issue and how can i get away with it.

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    In RenderStyles="File" case you should manually manage CSS of extensions and plugins.

    The CommandColumn is consider a plugin. Its CSS file is here:
    <Ext.Net sources root>\Ext.Net\Build\Ext.Net\ux\plugins\commandcolu mn\commandcolumn.css
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    How can i change the plugin css. I have just copied the Ext.Net folder with ext-all.css, icons and images.
    I dont want to make changes to Ext.Net project as i also want to take future updates if any from Ext.Net project.

    The only problem which i am not getting is why after setting RenderStyle="File" the layout is disturbed.

    I have not done any changes and still the CSS is disturbed.

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    Repeat myself, the plugins and extensions CSS files are not included into the ext-all.css file.

    When you set up RenderStyles="File", you should also manage CSS of extensions and plugins.

    Generally, I would suggest you to don't change a default RenderStyles option and just override the existing CSS rules with required ones.
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    Thanx Daniil,

    Sorry i didn't get what you meant at first. But now it clicked my mind and i applied the plugin css as you said and the problem is solved.

    Thnx once again.


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